Three confirms HTC Hero Éclair update delayed; OTA delivery in single package planned

Two down, one to go. Both T-Mobile and Orange have received the Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero handsets, however, Three users are still waiting. They were targeting a “Mid to late July” timeframe however the company has now confirmed that it has been delayed.

Brendan Arndt from Three said that the software has been submitted to Google to get the “final go-ahead” and that “we’re not clear on the timescales for this yet.” He blamed the fact that Three operates within a smaller team than some of their bigger rivals and a number of recent high profile launches including the iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S has stretched the team.

To be fair he apologized and said that “2.1 Hero update hasn’t gone through testing and approvals as quickly or as smoothly as we’d have wanted.” We also now know that the update will be over-the-air (OTA) and will land in a single package as opposed to the previous updates that came with a preparatory update before the full Android 2.1 download. There’s still no timeline for release but Arndt promised to reveal further information as soon as he has it. Fingers crossed it at least lands in August.

3UK Customer Support System.

In the past, I have had excellent customer services from 3UK as I have always gone into the shop, which is what I shall be doing from now on, but I found your phone technical team lacked basic knowledge and bear in mind you called me… if you didn’t have an answer, you should have either looked it up online or not bothered at all.

My question below is this: “Just wondering if there is any news on when you will be releasing the Android 2.1 software update for the HTC Hero?”

Now when I get a call the technical representative tells me 2.1 isn’t a version and that currently there is either 3.5 or 3.7 on offer only… sorry but there are no releases of Android 3.7 available, I believe 2.2 is the highest current release. I was also told its a PC based update and not OTA (Over the air), as far as I’m aware its OTA only. I explained the release is either known as Eclair or Froyo… still no dice.

So after explaining this, I get to put on hold for 5 minutes, then called back and told again that I am wrong, but that if I want to I can return my phone for repair… Well my phone isn’t broken, it is just running on an older version of Android, so that doesn’t help, I suggested that I speak to someone else…. and I get cut off.

I understand that not all phone representatives have individual knowledge of different handsets and their software but Android software versions are pretty basic knowledge I would think.

I will be going into the Westwood cross 3UK shop to discuss this but I thought I would let you know I have answered my own question with a simple Google search, it might be worth your technical team reading this, as I understand it the HTC Hero was a popular phone and as I have gathered from comments online a lot of people are eagerly awaiting this software release.

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